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The dream of any woman to get rid of unwanted hair. And it is desirable to do this painlessly, safely, quickly and effectively. Laser hair removal is the most effective method of removing hair today.

Epilation with alexandrite laser

In our center, the procedure is performed on the Candela Gentle LASE PRO U (USA). This alexandrite laser, deservedly considered the world leader in the field of laser hair removal. CANDELA Gentle LASE PRO U works faster, more efficiently, more comfortably! The device is more advanced than its predecessors, it is a new, third generation laser.

The device with the patented DCD system and the Cryo 6 air system provides constant cooling and a temporary anesthetic effect on the skin. The work uses only the energy of light. With each pulse, a segment of 15-18 mm in diameter is illuminated, so that several hairs are destroyed at once. With this equipment, epilation is quick and painless. On the most sensitive skin for a while, there may be slight irritation passing by itself.

Among the advantages of the Candela Gentle LASE PRO U:

  • painless and comfortable procedures
  • complete destruction of the hair follicle
  • clean, not damaged skin
  • maximum speed of work
  • absence of ingrown hair, inflammatory and pustular processes

Hair Removal by Laser

The CANDELA Gentle LASE PRO U laser machine works very efficiently, provides a lasting result and a long lasting cosmetic effect. It completely eliminates the growing unwanted hair.

Number of procedures

When the sleeping follicles are awakened after removal of the existing hair follicles, several repeated procedures must be performed. Their number depends on the individual parameters of the patient, his sex, age, hair color and skin. For example, female laser epilation of armpits requires fewer visits to a cosmetologist, in contrast to a male. Young people with a normal hormonal background have 4-6 procedures.

Principle of laser action

Laser hair removal is based on the principle of selective destruction by laser light pulse of melanin, which makes up the structure of human hair. Absorbed by this pigment, the light energy instantly heats it, burning the hair shaft to the root itself.

The length of the light pulse of the laser is tuned to the dark color of melanin and does not affect the light tissues of the epidermis, from which the follicle grows. Laser hair removal does not leave on the skin burns, scars, inflammation, mechanical damage.

The laser acts only on mature, fully formed hair rods. In a healthy person, such hair accounts for about a third of all available follicles. The rest are in rudimentary or dormant state, and when awakened, they have a weaker structure and lower viability. With the average body hair of a human body of European type, complete hair removal can be achieved on average for 5-6 sessions.

Contraindications to laser hair removal

The main task of the cosmetologist is a painless and safe removal of unwanted vegetation. It is possible on healthy skin without pathologies. Epilation can not be done if there is:

  • acute or chronic skin disease
  • diabetes
  • infection
  • acute form of herpes
  • malignant skin lesions
  • abnormal pigmentation of the skin
  • photodermatosis (hypersensitivity to sunlight)



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