• 1. How safe is the laser hair removal?

    Candela's GentleLase Pro-U is the evolution of laser hair removal. The renewed version of the safest and most effective Laser Alexandrite system makes it even easier to use, faster and more efficient.

  • 2. When do the hairs fall after the laser?

    Do not try to remove the hairs. They fall on their own gradually, within the next 7-10 days, after Laser Hair Removal. Do not shave the area that has been worn for at least 2 days.

  • 3. Shaving after the laser is allowed?

    Although you may need to use a razor for body areas and scissors for facial areas.

  • 4. Laser epilation cancer?

    Since 1995, when the LASER approval for hair removal from the US Food and Drug Administration has been officially given, the machines have evolved, resulting nowadays in several types of LASER machines for the treatment of unwanted hair growth. At our center we use a LASER alexandrite (Gentle LASE PRO U model) with which epilation is achieved through the selective photothermolysis phenomenon.

  • 5. Laser Bikini

    Laser hair removal is a proven method that has been applied for decades. Laser epilation is safe when performed by a doctor. It does not penetrate the body or affect other organs. The epilation laser targets the melanin in the hair follicle and destroys it. Simply put, the energy released by the laser system is absorbed by hair melanin, where it reaches its root and destroys the regenerative cells of the hair. So, the hair cannot grow and there you are left with smooth and soft skin. On darker skin colors after laser may occur discoloration. This happens usually when the laser is used by unskilled staff who have not taken into account the melanin levels

  • 6. Laser bikini side effects?

    Generally, there are no side effects and is a safe method, especially the CANDELA Gentle LASE PRO U laser, is one of the safest, because it has a very good cooling mechanism to cool the skin during the treatment. This machine is designed to target melanin of hairs. It does not pose any risk to the body, as it does not affect the skin or internal organs. Some people may feel a slight discomfort during the laser treatment. After treatment, local redness (reddening), congestive edema that lasts a little while is often observed. Very rarely, folliculitis, hypercalcemia or submucosa may occur locally. After laser hair removal it is recommended to avoid long exposure to the sun for one week. It is also necessary to use sunscreen on the affected areas of the skin that may be exposed to the sun.

  • 7. Laser Bikini hurts?

    The treatment is relatively painless thanks to CANDELA's perfect Dynamic Cooling Device ™ (DCD ™) cooling device. However, in individuals who are susceptible to pain as well as in certain anatomical areas, such as bikinis, it is advisable to use anesthetic cream prior to laser treatment, so the discomfort is minimal.

  • 8. Laser bikini consequences?

    Laser in the bikini area doesn’t have any consequences because it targets selectively the melanin of the hair follicle. The results in this area are visible because of the density and the black color of the hairs.